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We are living in the information age. Studies by global researcher Forrester, show that almost 93% of all internet traffic comes from a search engine. Of that search engine traffic, 65%-80% of traffic is commanded by Google. Their ranking process is a mystery but designed to be intuitive.

Search engine results pages (SERPS) are dedicated to delivering content to users based on the intent of that user search. As ideas and events evolve over the world so do these algorithms. SERPS are increasingly efficient at delivering the right content for the right search. Delivering your message to your customers by having it show up in the right search will require an understanding of user intent.

Consider that roughly 75% of users do not scroll beyond the first page when they are searching for anything online. While 81% of businesses consider their blogs to be the most critical SEO asset, they are overlooking thousands of factors that search engines are considering. The web is also evolving with new generations of users. Billions of voice searches are happening around the globe across all devices and this number will continue to increase. How will your consumer’s intent change with a voice search vs a written search? The answer might surprise you.

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If you fail to tap new media for search, you are not only missing out on one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing that can help you become successful, you are also falling behind the competition.

The content that you have on your website, and how you are discoverable matters more day by day in the digital age.

Quality, acurated content can propel your business to the top. You should partner with a company that can understand the intent with which your users and potential customers are searching the web. And you should partner with a team that understands the technical requirements of marketing your business in the digital ocean that is the internet.

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Unique and creative design tailored to each client

At Ormatrix, we provide our clients with written and visual content using methods that are proven. The right content can help you to become authoritative, visible and engaging in a way you couldn’t otherwise imagine. Customers want to transact with a brand where they can be part of a conversation online; powerful content can facilitate meaningful engagement.

When it comes to choosing a vendor to help with your digital marketing plans, you should rely on a company that provides quality content and helps you make an informed decision. Ormatrix Pvt Ltd has a team of skilled writers, designers, developers and marketers who can build a meaningful content marketing plan and can help you become a trusted source for your target audience. Some of the key reasons we are different from others in the market are defined below.

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